• MTVU says we’re ahead of the curve

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    I remember we were playing different charity events and parties that each member in the band would hear about or go after.  In this case, Jerry Carroll, whom sang with the band during a 2 year stretch, called me up one day and basically said that he heard that we might be considered to be filmed for an MTVU exclusive video.  Jerry was a great guy and I remember he was involved in modeling and fashion and would often go up to New York, which is where the MTVU offices were.

    3 months later, there we were in an warehouse on 2nd street that was abandoned.  Now I think it’s a posh steak house, but I remember the set up just looking amazing and being treated so well.  And we saw the list of artists they were filming that SXSW and it was artists like Santo Gold, Saul Williams, and many more.  They filmed us playing 2 or 3 songs but we only got sent one of them which we were very proud of!  Go MTVU!

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